Introducing ‘Bonnie Scotland,’ an exquisite 1,000-piece puzzle crafted in the UK, featuring intricately hand-drawn artwork by renowned artist Hartwig Braun. This masterpiece showcases a vibrant and detailed illustrated map of Scotland and The Scottish Isles, inviting puzzlers to explore the enchanting landscapes and iconic landmarks of this historic region.

Finally Jolly Britain is joined by Bonnie Scotland as this nation deserves her own artwork (Wales and Ireland, give Hartwig some time ;) and rest assured that the magnificent Shetland Islands are not forgotten!

Hartwig is confident that Bonnie Scotland will do justice to this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world rich in history, arts and culture with vibrant cities and quaint picture pretty little villages.

Scotland is also blessed with so much natural beauty, from the rugged, surf battered coast of the Atlantic Ocean , dotted with stretches of white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters to the mystical serenity of the Highlands all coloured purple in September by the blooming heather and crowned by the majestic Caledonian Pines, for the artist the Queen of Scotland’s trees.

Meet some famous Scotsmen and women and surely an illustrated map wouldn’t be complete without some sheep, coos, Highland games, haggis, and a few pipers.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Hand-Drawn Artwork: Hartwig Braun brings Scotland to life through his detailed and vibrant illustrations, offering a captivating and visually stunning puzzle experience.
  • Premium Quality: Made in the UK, this puzzle is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a perfect fit between pieces.
  • 1,000 Challenging Pieces: With a thousand pieces to assemble, ‘Bonnie Scotland’ offers hours of engaging and rewarding puzzling, suitable for individuals and families alike.
  • Luxury Tin Box: Packaged in a stylish and sturdy tin box measuring 195x153x76 mm, ensuring your puzzle pieces are well-protected and easy to store.
  • Complementary A3 Printout: The puzzle comes with a detailed A3 printout of the illustrated map, serving as a handy reference as you work through assembling the stunning landscape.
  • Completed Puzzle Size: The finished puzzle measures an impressive 66x50 cm, making it a perfect piece for framing and showcasing.


  • Mental Stimulation: Puzzling is a fantastic way to enhance concentration, improve memory, and boost problem-solving skills.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Immerse yourself in the intricate details of ‘Bonnie Scotland’ and experience relaxation and a sense of accomplishment as the beautiful scene unfolds.
  • Cultural Exploration: Discover the beauty, landmarks, and charm of Scotland and The Scottish Isles as you piece together this illustrated map.
  • Quality Time: Ideal for both solo and group activity, this puzzle is a splendid way to spend quality time with friends and family, fostering connection and collaboration.
  • Decorative Artwork: Once completed, ‘Bonnie Scotland’ makes for a beautiful piece of artwork that can be framed and displayed, adding a touch of Scottish allure to any room.

Embark on a puzzling adventure through the enchanting landscapes of ‘Bonnie Scotland,’ and experience the joy of bringing Hartwig Braun’s masterpiece to life, piece by piece.

Sustainable & Ethical:

We believe in creating products that are both enjoyable and environmentally responsible. This puzzle is made using sustainable materials and practices, ensuring a minimal impact on our planet.

Gift Idea:

Bonnie Scotland” makes a thoughtful and unique gift, perfect for puzzle enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone with a fondness for Scotland and The Scottish Isles.

About the Artist:

Hartwig Braun is a distinguished artist known for his detailed and vibrant depictions of cities and landscapes. His passion for capturing the essence of a place shines through in every piece of his artwork, making his creations highly sought after by collectors and art aficionados alike.

Order Now:

Embark on a journey through Scotland & The Scottish Isles and experience the joy of uncovering Hartwig Braun’s artistic treasures, piece by piece. Add "Bonnie Scotland” to your cart today and enjoy a delightful puzzling experience in style!

 Artwork: Bonnie Scotland - Illustrated Map of Scotland

 Number of pieces: 1,000 pieces.

 Completed Jigsaw Puzzle Size: 66 x 50 cm (approx.)

Made especially and exclusively for us in the UK, with durable puzzle board that is 100% recycled, and packaged in-house in a luxury Tin Box.

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