Hartwig is a Fine-Arts Artist specialising in design- led illustrative works. He uses his architectural background and discoveries as a passionate urban flaneur as well as love for buildings, geography and the natural world to create detailed and engaging cityscapes and illustrated maps.

He creates something striking, adventurous and unique - capturing the essence of the city - out of the familiar urban cityscape. While still maintaining a high level of realistic accuracy, the ethos behind the work is all about discovering a new perspective on the urban. His passion for illustration, architecture, the urban landscape and travel is easy to see throughout his work.

Using traditional drawing techniques and modern technology and tools, Hartwig has created a unique yet mass appealing visual style, combining technical accuracy with a playful agenda. His different styles – from colourful & happy to graphical sophistication – and his charming playful hand-drawn art, lend themselves perfectly and very easily to a wide and very diverse range of media, use and products.

He has previously created bespoke artwork for Guggenheim Bilbao, Hamleys London, Sagrada Familia, New York Times, British Museum, Network Rail, British Airways, EasyJet & Monarch Airlines. He was also commissioned by IKEA to create a piece to celebrate the opening of their newest store at Greenwich in February 2019.

With Hartwig, the familiar can be transformed into something rather unexpected. The spirit of the city can be found in each line and contour, each layer of detail. Always captivating, endlessly fascinating, you will never look at a building and skyline the same way again!

See More on Hartwig's artist website & portfolio at www.hartwigbraun.com