Hartwig's latest city design shows an aerial view of the beautiful and historical City of Durham in the north of England. 

The old city centre nestles inside a dramatic bend of the meandering River Wear with Durham Castle and the majestic Cathedral towering above the old houses and the densely wooded gorge.

The panoramic view encompasses Durham station and the impressive railway viaduct on the left, the lively high street area of Silver Street and Market Place, the quainter, more “sacred” parts of the centre around the Cathedral and the old colleges, and the iconic university campus building from the 1960s on the right hand side connected by the elegant Kingsgate Footbridge from the same period. 

A nice challenge for Hartwig was to bring out Durham’s undulate topography, not an easy task to do in an aerial view. 

Artwork: City of Durham in Full Colours

Sizes available: 80 x 55 cm / 110 x 75 cm / 140 x 95 cm.

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